Haxe Summit 2017

Sep 13-16 @ Amsterdam

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The Haxe Summit 2017 is a four day conference for Haxe professionals to connect with one another as well as the authors of the tools they are actively using or considering to add to their toolchain.

We are putting together a schedule with two separate tracks for game and web development. It will be packed with hands on tutorials and workshop, panel discussions covering various aspects of Haxe and of course a wide selection of talks to improve visibility of all the things going on within Haxe's busy ecosystem.



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Watch live video from haxesummit on www.twitch.tv

Second Track

Watch live video from haxesummit on www.twitch.tv


The conference will take place at "de Roos", a 19th century villa located right next to Amsterdam's museum district and the Vondelpark. It is about 300m away from the tram stop "Van Baerlestraat", which is serviced by the lines 2, 3, 5, 12 and 16.



  1. Wednesday

    1. Haxe.getState()

      Sept 13 @ 09:30 - 10:15

      Nicolas will talk about the current state of Haxe, covering recent language changes, future evolution as well as the HaxeFoundation.

      Presented by:

    2. Automated conversion from Flash to HTML5

      Sept 13 @ 10:25 - 10:40

      This short talk will outline the challenges, plans and results of InnoGames' conversion of Forge of Empires from Flash to HTML5.

      Presented by:

    3. Moving a million lines of code from Flash to Haxe

      Sept 13 @ 10:50 - 11:05

      FlowPlay have just recently completed a port of over 1 million lines of ActionScript to Haxe. Doug - their CTO - will give us a post-mortem on this massive transition and talk about his company's experience and enthusiasm for Haxe.

      Presented by:

    4. World (Wide Web) Domination

      Sept 13 @ 11:15 - 12:00

      Haxe has become an established choice in game development, but has yet to succeed claiming a similar position for the web. In this talk, Juraj will highlight (in no order):

      • why time spent on trying to make Haxe a more prominent choice for the web is well spent

      • how the web can benefit from a technology such as Haxe

      • what challenges are to be overcome

      • concrete solutions to some of these problems

      Presented by:

    5. Automated conversion from Flash to HTML5 - the details

      Sept 13 @ 13:00 - 13:55

      A talk about the journey on how to port a game from Flash to HMTL5 without code–freeze. A journey on how we created a fully automated pipeline to port the game in parallel at any point in time to Haxe and to run the HTML5 version without stopping ActionScript development and new game features.

      Presented by:

    6. Haxe Tutorial

      Sept 13 @ 13:00 - 17:00

      Andy and Kevin will give a second edition of the introductory Haxe workshop they held at the HKOSCon 2017. It is a step-by-step guide to go from nothing to building a complete game using Haxe.

      Presented by:

    7. HaxeUI Workshop

      Sept 13 @ 14:05 - 15:55

      We are going to dive right into a real world application powered by HaxeUI, giving us the opportunity to test drive this powerful framework out in the wild, with guidance of its very creator. Helmets advised!

      Presented by:

    8. Haxe Fu

      Sept 13 @ 16:05 - 17:00

      In this workshop, we'll venture out to discover Haxe's multi-paradigm nature and advanced features. We'll touch on things like:

      • getting the type system to do all the work for you

      • building your own object system with unambiguous multiple inheritance

      • effectively combining functional and object oriented programming

      • relieving the pain of writing asynchronous code

      • robust error handling

      By the end you'll be at least as cool as this kid:

      Presented by:

  2. Thursday

    1. Dribbling on about hxcpp

      Sept 14 @ 09:30 - 10:15

      Like every year, Hugh will update us on the state of hxcpp and the things he\'s been secretly working on. Nobody knows what to expect, but judging from the past it seems safe to assume it will be amazing.

      Presented by:

    2. Haxe as a fullstack langauge

      Sept 14 @ 10:25 - 10:40

      Description: In this talking Kevin will talk about how Haxe helped him to gain traction on the path as a freelance fullstack developer.

      Presented by:

    3. Eval

      Sept 14 @ 10:50 - 11:35

      Eval is the name of the new Haxe macro interpreter. This talk outlines how it is implemented, what has changed compared to the old interpreter, and how to use it optimally.

      Presented by:

    4. Tamina in a Nutshell

      Sept 14 @ 11:45 - 12:00

      Tamina is a fast, small, and feature-rich haxe library.

      It makes things like Web Components, Custom Elements, Event handling, Proxy, Assets Loading, i18n, and XHR much simpler. David will offer a short overview of all these things.

      Presented by:

    5. Tamina in Depth

      Sept 14 @ 13:00 - 14:55

      Following up on "Tamina in a Nutshell", David will hold a workshop to examine Tamina's features in detail.

      Presented by:

    6. Writing hxcpp externs

      Sept 14 @ 13:00 - 14:55

      This workshop will discuss techniques and issues with writing hxcpp externs.

      This could include a period where participants can bring along specific examples to get going.

      Presented by:

    7. The tech behind Northgard

      Sept 14 @ 15:05 - 17:00

      Nicolas will give a tour of the technology used in Northgard, including Heaps, CastleDB and the infamous HashLink.

      Presented by:

    8. Web development with tink

      Sept 14 @ 15:05 - 17:00

      Kevin will take you through the zoo of tinkerbell libraries and how to use them for developing robust web applications. The focus will be on routing, authentication and testing.

      Presented by:

  3. Friday

    1. haxe-modular: splitting monolith.js

      Sept 15 @ 09:30 - 10:00

      In this talk Philippe will present techniques for compiling JavaScript in a modular way and detail the benefits and use cases for this approach.

      Presented by:

    2. Kha Forever

      Sept 15 @ 10:10 - 10:40

      Robert will deliver his yearly talk about Kha and its ongoing progress.

      Presented by:

    3. Get Armored

      Sept 15 @ 10:50 - 11:20

      Lubos will talk about his efforts to create a performant tooling for building 3D games and applications with unmatched portability - using Haxe and Kha. Featuring Armory - Blender integrated game engine, and more!

      Presented by:

    4. DSL, mon amour!

      Sept 15 @ 11:30 - 12:00

      DSLs are small languages, focused on a particular aspect of your software system. You can't build a whole program with a DSL, but you often use multiple DSLs in a system mainly written in a general purpose language.

      This presentation is split in 3 parts presenting:

      • Advantages to use internal/external DSLs instead of traditional libraries to improve programmer productivity and communication between team members.

      • Case study of a real world DSL able to be parsed/executed at runtime and compile time.

      • How to use Haxe language features to develop powerful DSL toolchain with different grammars and code generation.

      Who is this presentation for:

      It’s targeted to every developer who wants to have a nice introduction about DSL power in the application world, and have a first taste of Haxe macros black magic.

      Presented by:

    5. haxe-react

      Sept 15 @ 13:00 - 14:55

      Following prior demos of his work on bringing React to Haxe, Philippe will hold a hands-on workshop on the subject.

      Presented by:

    6. A deep dive into hexInject and hexDSL

      Sept 15 @ 13:00 - 17:00

      Have you ever struggled to maintain a highly coupled monolithic application? Worry no more and discover all possibilities of dependency mappings and injections with Injector from hexInject and see how to wire everything together in unique "flow" flavor of hexDSL. Basic Haxe knowledge necessary, familiarity with Rick and Morty optional.

      Presented by:

    7. Model, View ... Coconut!

      Sept 15 @ 15:05 - 17:00

      MVCoconut is the UI framework nobody ever asked for or heard about. It sports:

      • simple, yet ridiculously powerful declarative bindings without compromising on type safety

      • a (fully optional) robust model layer

      • support for web based and native UIs

      • a migration path that makes it possible to gradually integrate it within existing codebases

      We'll take it for a spin around the block.

      Presented by:

  4. Saturday

    1. The Haxe Identity

      Sept 16 @ 09:30 - 10:00

      Haxe is so many things to so many people. Let's see if we can bring a little more clarity to that and get better at self-advocacy.

      Note: This is not a very technical talk, but rather a look at the different groups within the Haxe community and different use cases.

      Presented by:

    2. vshaxe

      Sept 16 @ 10:05 - 10:25

      In this talk Dan will present vshaxe: what is it, how it works, important latest improvements and plans for the future.

      Presented by:

    3. Porting Scaleform UI to Haxe

      Sept 16 @ 10:30 - 10:50

      Neil will share his team's experience on porting old ActionScript codebase to Haxe for the Armored Warfare game. He will also show his way to building game assets for Haxe with Adobe Animate in automated way.

      Presented by:

    4. Using haxe to build an e-learning framework

      Sept 16 @ 10:55 - 11:25

      In the talk I’ll discuss how we used haxe to create a model-driven, future proof framework. Our framework is build with haxe and allows us to create custom made e-learning solutions.

      I like to discuss 3 main aspects of this framework and how haxe helped us establishing them.

      1. Model driven architecture

      2. High structural and visual flexibility

      3. Minimal language (haxe-target) dependencies

      Presented by:

    5. Etherplay : Using Haxe For Games And The Web3 Stack

      Sept 16 @ 11:30 - 12:00

      Etherplay is a skill game platform that use Ethereum to provide transparency and other benefit to our players.

      Haxe had a very important place in building the platform. Its type safety and macro helped us in many ways and we would like to share how it helped us and what we build with it. We use Haxe both for our backend where it interact with Ethereum and for our games running on the web. In both case, Haxe was our friend and we have few tools/lib that might interest the audience.

      Presented by:

    6. Philosopher's Chillout

      Sept 16 @ 13:00 - 17:00

      We've booked the beautiful "philosopher's chamber" at de Roos, for those of you who wish to retreat from the debates going on in the main hall. Talk with other haxers, sit down to some code or just throw a blank stare at the wall. Feel free to do what you must.

    7. Discussion panel about IDEs

      Sept 16 @ 13:00 - 13:55

      With many contributors to efforts of bringing Haxe support to various IDEs in one place, we will have a discussion about what we can to do to improve support, what exactly the status quo is and what the future might hold.

    8. Kick-off panel for the 2018 summit

      Sept 16 @ 14:00 - 14:55

      It's never too early to start organizing the next conference, so why not do it during this one, when the community, the sponsors and the organizers are all in one place?

    9. Funding Haxe

      Sept 16 @ 15:05 - 16:00

      There has been a lot of beer talk around how the ongoing development of Haxe could be financed. But now it is time to sit down and have a discussion with the members of the compiler team and the companies and freelancers using Haxe to agree on solutions that complement the Haxe Foundation's support plans, ideally in a manner that is more finely targeted than a general sponsorship.

    10. Open Q&A with the team

      Sept 16 @ 16:05 - 17:00

      Wanna know Nicolas' vision for Haxe's future? Or how Simn manages not to go crazy? Or Hugh's favorite coding playlist? Or how Andy can summon the diligence to maintain Haxe's CI? Or what Fiene thinks we could do to get out of our nerdy niche? Or something else entirely? Well then, ask away!